Scottie Dog Pattern - FREE! Flea Market Scotties
Scottie Dog Pattern - FREE!, Flea Market Scotties
Scottie Dog Pattern - FREE!: Scottie Love Scottie Dog Pattern - FREE!: with Five + Ten print fabrics Scottie Dog Pattern - FREE!: Flea Market Scotties Scottie Dog Pattern - FREE!: Possible Source? Scottie Dog Pattern - FREE!:

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Denyse saw her first Scottie Dog at the Elephant's Trunk flea market many years ago and fell in love! She's been collecting (and photographing when her bed got too full) vintage patchwork Scottie Dogs ever since. Just like old patchwork quilts, no two Scottie Dogs are alike – but they all have personality. We're not sure where the pattern originated, but it probably appeared in a very popular women's magazine (due to the proliferation of Scotties out there), possibly around the 1940’s. If you know more than we do, please inform us!