Denyse & Marsha with All the Feels

QuiltFolk pattern

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in QuiltFolk's subscription pattern program. I was asked to design a "revival" version of a quilt featured in the Michigan issue of the their incredible* quarterly magazine.I chose a redwork quilt owned by Dr. Marsha MacDowell, who happens to curate the quilt collection at Michigan State University Museum. I thought it would be interesting to think about what the contemporary versions of traditional redwork illustrations of animals or flowers would look like. Then, just like a cartoon of creative inspiration with a lightbulb over my head, I realized it was Emojis!I made my All the Feels quilt, and later couldn't stop making emojis – so fast and fun.

QuiltFolk says: "The mark of a great designer is an ability to see what others miss and to create solutions that feel seamless and essential."

*If you aren't familiar with QuiltFolk, do yourself a favor and check it out! An annual subscription brings 4 hefty magazines – really more like a journal or book – to your mail box.  Beautifully produced and expertly written, the magazine is what is says. Stories about folks who make, collect, or otherwise in some way love quilts and all that they represent. You won't find any advertisements, but you will find interesting stories about fascinating, regular folks – and some extraordinary folks and their quilts. Ask your local shop to carry it, or subscribe today!