Run & Fall Chocolate Queen
Run & Fall, Chocolate Queen
Run & Fall: Chocolate Queen Run & Fall: Citron Queen
Run & Fall: Chocolate Detail Run & Fall: Citron Detail
Run & Fall: Chocolate On a Bed

Run & Fall is the title of a song by a friend’s now-defunct band. The gist of it (as Denyse interpreted it anyway) was essentially about going all out without being afraid of falling on your face. A "Say-I-love-you-first" kind of thing. We all need to remember that life is more fulfilling when we risk a few bruises now and then. So stick your neck out once in a while. Be bold. Think big.

This enduring, totally original design readily lends itself to color customization. It’s created not with a pattern but with lots of math and pages of elaborate cutting instructions to achieve a seemingly random, no-two-rows-alike look.