The Neighborhood Detail
The Neighborhood, Detail
The Neighborhood: Twin
The Neighborhood: Detail
The Neighborhood: On a Bed

Slightly off-kilter squares in a range of greens and blues are neatly surrounded and connected by new and vintage prints, yarn dye stripes, and plaids. The squares are all slightly different sizes, which creates a feeling of movement and depth. To me it feels like an aerial view of a long-established friendly, suburban neighborhood, with once-identical houses all in a row. Part of our signature collection since 1996, The Neighborhood is a truly unique and appealing design.

Formally named "There Goes the Neighborhood". It was brought to my attention in 2014 that this phrase had racist implications. I wish I had thought more deeply – or had done more research – about the origins of the phrase in 1996 and in 2014, and what it might have meant to others, but I did not. It was not my intention to recall, promote, or in anyway reference racist or discriminatory ideas.