Mae's Bouquet pattern sample 
Mae's Bouquet pattern sample: Mae's Bouquet pattern sample:

Evocative of a sweet nosegay freshly picked from the garden, this striking, modern variation of a Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern is a tribute to Denyse' own grandmother, an intuitive and passionate gardener. Mae's Bouquet will guarantee that you will always have flowers within reach, regardless of the season! This new pattern will be available to order in January 2016, and can be created with Denyse’s Modern Solid Pre-cut Hexagon Bundle from FreeSpirit Fabric. The bundle will make up to a king size quilt.

If you don't want to make your own, we can make this quilt to order in any size, for $650 - $1500, crib to king! Email us to place an order or get more information.