The Straight & Narrow Series, #3 
The Straight & Narrow Series, #3: The Straight & Narrow Series, #3:

The Straight and Narrow Series was created for an exhibition in New York City.  Lines, stripes, direction and space converge and coalesce to create a meditative study.  Vintage-inspired ticking stripe linens and cottons in varying widths and styles are juxtaposed against austere parchment and charcoal backgrounds.  The (mis)aligning of the horizontal and vertical compositions unexpectedly directs the eye and mind.  Fragments of memories – a glimpse inside a suitcase, a cottage bedroom at season's end – are evoked by these deceptively simple quilts.


This quilt is a queen, measuring 85" by 93".  Cotton and linen, machine-quilted.

made to order $3500
SAMPLE $2000, 85" x 93", 100% cotton, machine-quilted.
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