Scrap Bags 
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UPDATE 5/21 3pm EST: Please note we're now running low on bags with the usual amount of Denyse's prints, so your bag may have more solids, yard-dyes, and other fabrics to make up the difference. Apologies for any inconvenience!


They're back!!! Our beloved scrap bags are in production again!

The DSQ scrap bag is a heavy-duty re-sealable package filled with lots of colorful fabric scraps. You’ll find a range of solids, the occasional vintage print, and pieces of Denyse’s original fabric collections! Makes a great gift for kids of all ages. Create collages, doll clothes, or some of the smaller patchwork projects from Denyse’s book.

9 x 12 inch poly bag filled with approximately one square yard of fabric pieces. Colors vary. $15 plus shipping.