Big Charming pattern cover
Big Charming, pattern cover
Big Charming: pattern cover Big Charming: Big Charming: with Five + Ten print fabrics

With Big Charming, Denyse updates the traditional "charm" quilt, creating a stunning, minimalist quilt that will brighten your day. As shown on the pattern cover, each pixel-like square is a different solid color. Big Charming uses 64 (49 for a baby size) 5-inch charms. Use solids as shown, substitute any prints, or mix them up! All DSQ patterns include instructions and measurements for making all quilt sizes, from baby to king.

Order the PDF pattern with the blue button! $15.95. Look for an email from Payloadz with the download link (it may land in your junk inbox).

Order the paper pattern with the yellow button: $15.95, plus postage.