Election Quilt 
Election Quilt: Election Quilt: Election Quilt:

I made the Election Quilt to celebrate converting all of my quilt patterns to PDF format, including the Proverbial Quilt which I used for this quilt. I also wanted to showcase my Stonington fabric prints, which have an undeniably patriotic palette. My inspiration for the Proverbial Quilt pattern came from a long tradition of quilters having their say – politically or otherwise – in quilted form. Woman had the ability to make their views known though patchwork long before they had the right to vote. I choose to hand-stitch the letters to slow down the process and give me time to be clear about what the message would be. I wanted to sew and contemplate, and let this quilt evolve over time. I hope that when this election is over, we can all move forward together and embrace a new beginning.