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Made to Order Details

Thank you for your interest in commissioning a handmade quilt. If you haven’t already, visit the Made to Order page for an overview of the process, and browse the Quilt Gallery (and/or Quilt Patterns) for design direction.

Denyse accepts a limited number of commissions annually. Contact us to reserve a spot in the calendar.


Pricing varies by design and size. A queen size starts at $3500 for a minimal design like Jersey Stripes, but most designs in a queen size range from $6000 - $10,000. Please inquire about the design and size you are interested in for an estimate.

Our standard sizing is mattress size plus a 13” drop on the sides and foot. We can adjust sizing as required (for a longer drop on the sides and foot for example). There is no cost for minor size adjustments, but significant resizing will incur a surcharge. Drawings will be provided if resizing impacts the proportions or composition of a design.

Once the details are decided, a 50% deposit is required to begin production on your quilt, the balance is due prior to shipping.


Most designs can be recolored to work with your décor. To recolor a design, please provide reference material: a photo of the room the quilt will live in, swatches of wallpaper or upholstery fabrics, or a page torn from a magazine — anything that illustrates a color feeling you are looking for. Hard copies are preferred over digital for color accuracy. 

Simple color substitutions are included in the cost of your quilt. We will provide a drawing and swatches of fabrics to be used and/or options for no additional charge. Multiple rounds of swatching and drawings may be subject to a non-refundable design fee that is good toward your order.

Contributed fabrics are a welcome addition to the process. A treasured fabric or article of clothing can in most cases be incorporated into your quilt. 

Mail any reference material to: 

Denyse Schmidt Quilts

165 Bennett Street

Bridgeport CT 06605


To determine the dimensions that will best suit your bed-dressing preferences, use a long cloth tape measure (or use a piece of string and measure this later) to measure the width (side to side), and length (top to bottom) of how you want the quilt to fit over your bed. It’s important to measure from the points where you want the edges of the quilt to land. For instance, if you want the quilt to go over your pillows, be sure to measure over the pillows, including how much you might tuck under the pillow on either side. 

If you plan on hanging your quilt, we can provide a hanging sleeve for an additional charge.

Backing & Finish Options

During the design process, we’ll discuss a color for the quilt back, and your preferences for quilting. 

Denyse typically uses a contrasting color for the backing, a detail that provides a bright surprise and options for using both sides of the quilt. Quilts with a majority of light colors on the front look best with a light backing color.

We outsource our hand-quilting to Amish craftswomen. Amish women have been quilting by hand for over a century and their work is regarded as some of the finest in the world. The Amish lifestyle, with its emphasis on simplicity and a slower pace, lends itself perfectly to quilting. After we mark the quilting lines on the quilt top, we send it along with batting and backing to an individual quilter or household. Occasionally, a mother and daughter will work together on a quilt, but usually each quilt is worked by one woman, which ensures more consistent stitching. The quilt production schedule can take a back seat to the farm chores (especially in summer), but we believe the quality is well worth the wait. Allow extra time for choosing a hand-quilted finish.

Machine quilting is durable, and provides a faster lead time. We offer a range of patterns for the quilting, depending on the quilt design chosen.

Lead Time

Good things take time! Production time can vary by design, sizing, and other commitments in the studio. We’ll give you an estimate for your project once all design details are established, but expect your quilt to take 3-8 months for completion from the date of deposit. Once we have your quilt ready to ship, we’ll contact you for the final payment, confirm shipping details, and send your quilt on to become a treasured part of your everyday life.

Caring For Your Quilt

Please visit our quilt care page for information about living with, cleaning, and storing your quilt.


DSQ has been handcrafting quilts for almost 30 years, and we stand by the quality of our craftsmanship. If you find any construction issues with your quilt, please reach out and we’ll make any necessary repairs. 

Quilts made to order are a final purchase, and cannot be returned for a refund or exchanged.