The Straight and Narrow

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This quilt series continues an exploration of linear themes. Lines, stripes, direction and space converge and coalesce to create a meditative study in simplicity.

Utilizing vintage and new striped linens and cottons on austere neutral grounds, the (mis)alignment of horizontal and vertical compositions unexpectedly directs the eye and mind. Fragments of memories – a glimpse inside a suitcase, a cottage bedroom at season’s end – are evoked by these deceptively simple quilts. The quilts are machine-quilted in my signature figure-eight pattern.

The quilts shown were created for a 2012 exhibition at the design gallery Ralph Pucci International in NYC.

Learn more about the made to order process, and find the details including pricing here.

– Made to order.
– Machine pieced and quilted.
– Available in full/queen or king size, in select colorations.

Please reach out to commission a Straight and Narrow quilt.

Denyse Schmidt Quilts

Denyse's distinct and timeless aesthetic bridges old and new, honoring the traditions of this centuries' old craft, while inspiring a new generation of quilters.

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