Lazy Gal

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I love how the blocks in Lazy Gal are pushed to the quilt’s edge, and the play of the hand-drawn swirl quilting against the not-quite right angles of the blocks. The name speaks to the old-time music (not to be confused with blue grass) I was heavily into when I first made this quilt. The palette of Lazy Gal feels very traditional yet modern at the same time—a wonderful contradiction that is a hallmark of my work.

In the early 2000's, Sundance Catalog commissioned this design for their catalog. I always liked to tell people I was a mere 2-1/4 inches away from "Bob".

We'll be re-creating a version of this design, called "Pretty Square", for a quilt collection in partnership with Sarita Handa.

Personal fabrics can be incorporated into this design. Learn more about the made to order process, and find the details including pricing here.

– Made to order.
– Machine pieced, hand-quilted as shown.
– Available in baby, twin, full/queen or king size.
–Colors and fabric may be customized this design.

Please reach out to commission a Lazy Gal quilt.

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